Doppler for Mac is Here

After many months of hard work and a lot of feedback from beta testers, I’m pleased to announce that Doppler for Mac is now available!

Doppler is a beautiful, easy to use music player for Mac and iPhone that makes listening to the music you own easier than ever.

In this post I’ll share a little more about Doppler’s development, and what you can expect in updates over the next few months.

You can also learn more and download the trial here.

Building Doppler for Mac

Development of Doppler for Mac started in 2017, around the same time as Doppler for iPhone. Although my focus for the past few years has been the iPhone app, the plan has always been to release Doppler on both platforms.

With that plan and the overlap developing both apps at the same time, Doppler for iPhone grew to be the best desktop-class music player on iOS. Doppler brought features like editing metadata, importing and managing files to the iPhone for the first time.

Over the past few months I’ve directed my focus back on the Mac app. Both apps share many of the same features, however the interfaces are designed and built specifically for each platform. Doppler for Mac isn’t a quick port of the iPhone app, it’s designed and engineered to be its own app.

Of course, some of the code is shared between the two apps. This means features work the same way. If you use the iPhone app, you’ll understand the Mac app and vice versa. It also allows the two apps to work together seamlessly and allows for some exciting features and experiences in the future.

What’s Next

Not all the features from the iPhone app are available in the Mac app today. Over the next few months I’ll add the remaining features (sorting options, show missing files) as well as some new ones:

Also coming soon is full library sync:

In the current version you can send songs, albums and playlists from the Mac app to the iPhone app. This works great if you want to pick and choose which music you have on each device. However keeping large libraries up to date is a little more complicated.

With full library sync you’ll be able to manage content and sync changes across multiple devices.

I want to hear your feedback

Doppler for Mac is being updated regularly, however may still be missing a feature you need. Please get in touch to let me know.

Try Doppler and let me know what you think! I want to hear the good and the bad. Honest, well-intentioned feedback helps improve the apps.

Download Doppler for Mac and iOS