Doppler for Mac 2.1

Doppler for Mac 2.1 is the biggest update to Doppler’s macOS app since it launched last year. Today’s update is focused on three important parts of the app: setup, storage and organisation.

Download Doppler for Mac 2.1

Import Library from Music/iTunes

Since Doppler launched on the Mac we’ve told you that we plan to support importing your existing music library from Music/iTunes. Today, in Doppler 2.1, that’s now possible.

When opening Doppler for the first time, you can now select “Import from Music” as an option to set up your library. Doppler will connect to the Music app on your Mac and import all your songs and playlists.

Importing your Music library into Doppler doesn’t just copy over songs and playlists — it automatically includes some of the “metadata” you’ve built up over the years too. Play counts, date added to library and loved status are all preserved in Doppler.

It’s never been easier to move your library to Doppler and we’re really excited for people to try this out!

Note: Doppler doesn’t currently support Smart Playlists or Star Ratings. If you would like these supported in a future Doppler update, please let us know.

Change the Doppler Media Folder

The Doppler Media Folder is the folder where all your music files are stored. A highly requested feature since launch has been to add the option to change this folder. We’ve been testing this out in “preview” for a few weeks and now in Doppler 2.1, it’s available for everyone.

In Doppler preferences, click the “Change…” button and choose a new place to store your music. You can change the folder to anywhere else on your Mac, and even an external USB drive or NAS drive.

This new option gives all Doppler customers a lot more control and flexibility.

If you already have files stored on your Mac and want to move everything to a new folder, Doppler can optionally help you move files over as part of the process.

Edit Info Improvements & Integration with 3rd-Party Apps

Over the past year we’ve heard a lot of feedback about the built-in info editing tools in Doppler. Today’s update addresses all of the major feature requests we’ve heard, including: editing multiple songs in a single window, drag-and-drop album artwork, copy/paste album artwork and more.

Although the built-in options work well for most people, some customers have more specific requirements. We’ve partnered with and worked closely with 3 of the most popular music metadata editing apps on macOS:

Note: Meta, Mp3tag and Yate are sold separately. Updates for these apps are available today.

You might use one of these apps if you want to edit more information than Doppler’s built-in editor supports, or to look up song/album information online from services like Discogs or MusicBrainz.

Inside Doppler 2.1, there is a new “Edit Info With” menu item. Selecting either Meta, Mp3tag or Yate from this menu will open your music files in the app ready to edit. When changes are saved to your files, Doppler will instantly re-import that information in your library.

All three of these apps are excellent additions to the Doppler experience and we’ve worked hard to make the integration feel seamless.

If you use a different app for editing your music files, you can now also manually reload the information from inside Doppler using the new “Reload Info from File” menu item.

Doppler for Mac 2.1 is available now.

We hope you enjoy this update and look out for some more news soon!