Doppler for iPhone 3

Doppler 3 adds Album Collections, new features for album listening, options for personalisation, and more.

Doppler 3 is available now to download from the App Store.

Doppler 3 is a Paid Upgrade

Today’s update is the first paid upgrade to Doppler since January 2020. The upgrade is optional for existing customers and everyone, regardless of which version they use, will continue to get bug fix updates.

Customers who bought Doppler from 01 December 2022 onwards will be upgraded to Doppler 3 for free. To use the free upgrade just install the latest version of Doppler from the App Store and follow the instructions on screen.

For more information on Doppler 3 and how to upgrade please read our support document.

Album Collections

Collections are a powerful new feature in Doppler 3 for creating lists and organising your library.

Use Collections to make lists for your favourite albums each year, keep track of albums you want to re-listen to, or organise albums together by mood or season.

Doppler includes 4 preset Collections: Recently Added, Compilations, Released This Year, and Released Last Year.

Using the new customisation features in Doppler 3, you can also pin a Collection to the top of your Library for easy access. A Pinned Collection is shown at the top of the screen inside the app and when using CarPlay.

Collections are customisable and flexible and we’re excited to see what you use them for.

Library Customisation

Doppler 3 adds new ways to customise the Library screen to suit every listener.

From the Library screen, tap the “Edit” button in the top right of the screen to show the customisation options.

From here you can personalise 3 aspects of the Library screen:

Queue Grouping & Album Shuffle

Shuffle by Album, a long time favourite from iTunes, finally makes its way to the iPhone thanks to Doppler 3’s new Queue Grouping option.

Doppler’s playback queue gets two different modes in today’s update. You can use the classic “No Grouping” mode where songs are added to the queue individually, or the new “Group by Album/Playlist” mode, which will group songs by their album or playlist.

Screenshot of the "Queue" screen in Doppler 3 showing the currently playing songs and the albums queued to play next.

Using the Group by Album/Playlist” mode, you can shuffle your library by album, and re-arrange your queue by whole albums or playlists at a time — instead of song-by-song.

Design Improvements

There are lots of design improvements throughout Doppler 3, including a simplified tab bar with new icons, design improvements for albums with multiple discs and Search/Filter inputs across the main library screens.

You will notice improvements and refinements to smaller details across the app too, like a new button in the library screen for quickly playing your entire library, easier access to sorting options and more.

Doppler for iPhone 3 is available now on the App Store.

Collections and queue options will be added to Doppler for Mac for free over the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy this update and look out for some more news soon!

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