Doppler 2.2 — Introducing Listening Reports

Today I’m pleased to announce the release of Doppler 2.2 and a new feature that I’ve been preparing since late last year — Listening Reports.

In recent years, we’ve seen streaming services offer yearly reviews of how you listened to music. For people who buy their music, there are very few options and often come with downsides (e.g. low quality visuals, companies selling your data, etc.)

With Listening Reports in Doppler you get a beautiful overview of your past year, in the same app that you listen to your music. All your data remains private and stays on your device.

The yearly report breaks down how much time you’ve spent listening to music and shows you your top artists, albums and songs. At the end of the listening report you can also generate a digital poster of the info to share with friends.

Lets see what that looks like:

Mentioned previously, this update has been in preparation for a while. Doppler can build listening reports with information as far back as January this year.

I’m excited for everyone to try out Listening Reports and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Doppler 2.2 is a free update for existing users and is available to download now on the App Store.