Doppler for iPhone 2.4

Doppler 2.4 banner image

Doppler 2.4 is now out, and includes a redesigned setup process and a streamlined way to add music to Doppler from your Mac.

This update makes getting started easier than ever, and sets the stage for Doppler for Mac — available later this year.

I’ll go over the updates in more detail below, but first, a quick note on free trials.

Extending Free Trials

At the end of March I added free trials to Doppler. For 7 days you can use the full app with no restrictions. At the end of those 7 days, you can decide if you want to pay and keep using the app.

For most people, that decision is made within a couple days.

Sometimes though, your trial ends before you can properly test things out. So, now, if your trial ends and you need more time with Doppler, you can tap a button and get a few more days on your trial — no questions asked.

I hope this gives people a better chance to try the app and make sure it offers them everything they need.

And now, onto the new features…

Doppler Transfer for Mac

Screenshot of Doppler Transfer sending files

After updating to Doppler 2.4, you’ll find a new option in the Import screen — “Import from Mac”. From there you’ll be guided to download Doppler Transfer, a small mac app, to help you add files to Doppler.

Doppler Transfer works over USB and WiFi, and getting connected is as simple as opening both apps and confirming access on your phone. Once connected, drag and drop files into Doppler Transfer and they’ll instantly begin importing on your phone.

Doppler Transfer is free to use, and when Doppler for Mac is available later this year, it will build on the same technology to sync between the two apps.

Redesigned Setup

Screenshot of the Doppler Library setup screen

Also available today, to help people set up Doppler for the first time, I’ve redesigned the library setup experience.

After installing Doppler, you’ll now be asked how you want to add music to the app. You can choose from a few different options:

In a few taps, you can add your music to Doppler and start enjoying the app.

I hope you enjoy today’s update and if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch!

Doppler 2.4 is a free update for existing users and is available to download now on the App Store.