Announcing Doppler 2

I’m excited to announce Doppler 2 is now available on the App Store. Doppler 2 is a brand new app and brings new features, improvements and a refreshed interface. This new version sets the foundation for some exciting updates coming later this year.

Download Doppler 2 on the App Store

So, what’s new?

Refreshed Interface

A lot of attention has gone into updating the interface for Doppler 2. Along with a new app icon, there’s a new layout for the Now Playing screen. There’s lots of other tweaks and improvements to make Doppler 2 even better to use.

Liked Songs

Mark your favourite Songs and easily find them again with the new Like button. You can like Songs from the Now Playing screen, or after tapping ••• on the Album screen. Songs you’ve liked will then show up with a small heart next to them.

There’s also a Liked Songs Playlist that automatically stays up to date with all the Songs you’ve liked — great for putting on shuffle.

WiFi Transfer

Doppler has always tried to make it easy to manage your Library without needing to sync with a computer. Sometimes though, you have music on your computer that you want to get into the app.

WiFi Transfer lets you add music to Doppler just through drag-and-dropping files into your web browser. Great for when you’re setting up the app for the first time, or importing your latest Bandcamp purchases.

To use WiFi Transfer, open on your computer, scan the transfer code and drop files into your web browser. Your music will transfer to your phone, import, and be ready to play right away.

Translations for French, German and Spanish

Doppler now supports French, German and Spanish locales. If you use your iPhone in any of these languages you’ll now see Doppler use that language in the UI.

A special, huge, thanks to Vivien, Damien and Andrés for their help translating Doppler 2. If you’d like to help translate Doppler for another language, please get in touch.

Playlist Improvements and More

Doppler 2 comes with a number of improvements for Playlists. You can now quickly add individual songs and whole albums to a Playlist from the Library tab. There’s also now support for renaming Playlists.

You can now open the file for a Song in the Files app by tapping ••• next to a song on the Album screen. This is great for when you want to open the file in another app on your phone.

Upgrading from Doppler 1

If you already use Doppler 1, I put together a page with more info about how to bring over your Library from Doppler 1, and clear up common questions — Upgrading to Doppler 2 and FAQs.

Get in touch

There’s a lot packed into this release and I’m excited for you to give it a try.

If you’re interested in following along with Doppler’s development, you can subscribe to the Doppler newsletter:

And, as always, if you have any feedback or feature requests, I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch from within the app, or email me directly.

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