Mac + iOS

Doppler adapts to your Music

Doppler dynamically changes itself to compliment the colours from your album artwork.

Mac + iOS

Doppler helps organise your Library

Built-in features to make organising your Library as easy as possible.

Artwork Search

Search and set album artwork within Doppler.

Merge Albums

Combine multi-disc albums into a single album.

Edit Metadata

Edit and organise song and album metadata.

Doppler feels like part of your phone

A deep integration with iOS makes Doppler feel like part of your phone. Over time iOS learns how you use Doppler and can suggest albums or playlists when you plug in headphones, or leave the house.

Control Doppler with Siri
Album and playlist suggestions on your lock screen
  • CarPlay App
  • Home Screen Widgets
  • Files app Support
  • Spatial Audio

Add music from anywhere

Doppler Transfer

Import music over WiFi or USB using Doppler Transfer.

3rd Party Apps

Import from other apps using the iOS Files app.

AirDrop & WiFi

Quickly add music from other devices using AirDrop or WiFi Transfer.
Mac + iOS

Full playback queue

Edit and reorder your queue as you listen.

Screenshot of Doppler playback queue on macOS and iOS
Mac + iOS

Quickly find the music you're looking for

Liked Songs

Like songs to add them to the Liked Songs playlist.

Recently Added

Quickly show albums you've recently added to your library.


Search your library for artists, albums or songs.

Listening Reports

Doppler creates Listening Reports at the end of each year. Check out your top artists, albums and songs and re-visit forgotten favourites.

Illustration of Doppler Listening Reports

Your Doppler Listening history is private and only processed on-device.

Mac + iOS


Take your music beyond Doppler with your favourite apps and services.


Share listening history with friends and get recommendations. Learn more →

Sleeve (macOS)

A super customisable mini-player for your desktop. Learn more →

Apple Shortcuts
(available soon)

Import music, control playback and manage your Library using Apple Shortcuts for Mac and iOS.

Meta (macOS)

Elegant & powerful music metadata editor, for Mac. Learn more →

Mp3tag (macOS)

The universal tag editor for Mac. Learn more →

Yate (macOS)

Tag and organize your audio files. Learn more →

Start listening with Doppler

For iPhone

Includes 7 day free trial. Requires iOS 15.5+.

For Mac

Requires macOS 11 Big Sur or newer.
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