iPhone/iPad: Doppler cannot access the Music app

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Doppler shows the “Doppler cannot access the Music app” error message when it has lost connection to the iPhone/iPad Music app. When this happens, Doppler cannot load or play music from the Music app until you reconnect it.

Reconnect the Music app to Doppler

  1. Open the Settings screen in Doppler
  2. Tap “Manage Library”
  3. Turn “Show songs from Music app” OFF and then ON again (Note: this may already be turned OFF).

After turning the setting ON again Doppler may asked you for permission to access the Music app. You need to select “Allow” for Doppler and the Music app to work together.

If you select “Don’t allow”, or have disallowed this in the past, you will need to fix this in the iPhone/iPad Settings app with the steps below.

Allow access to Music app library

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Scroll down and select “Privacy & Security”
  3. Select “Media & Apple Music”
  4. Turn ON Doppler in this list

Doppler will restart after you change this setting and will try to reconnect again when you next open the app.

If you still see the error message after following both of these solutions please send us an email below and we can help you further.

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