How to change the Doppler Media Folder

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To change the location of your Doppler Media Folder:

  1. Open Doppler Preferences (⌘;)
  2. Click the “Change…” button below the Media Folder location
  3. Select a new folder to use for your music

If you have files inside your old Media Folder, Doppler will ask if you want to move them to the new folder. If you want to keep your files in the old Media Folder select “Don’t Move”.

If you’re moving your Media Folder to a different drive the “Move Files” option is highly recommended. Doppler may have problems finding your files if you move them between drives using Finder or other apps.

Will Doppler rename my files when I change my Media Folder?

Files moved to the new folder will keep the same file names and folder structure.

Artwork images and other files will also be moved to the new folder.

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