Doppler Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted in any of the Doppler applications and services.

Information we collect

Doppler collects the least amount of information possible, and only uses this information to improve the app and services. When contacting support, you may provide additional information to help diagnose an error.

Use of Third Party Services

Doppler uses a minimal number of third party services in order to provide a better experience within the applications and services. The third party services that you may directly interact with are listed below.

Cover Art Archive

Doppler uses the Cover Art Archive to provide downloadable artwork for your library.

Network requests to the Cover Art Archive happen directly on-device, and as such, some necessary information (IP address, requested artwork) will be available to the Cover Art Archive.

The Cover Art Archive is a cooperation between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz, and their privacy policies can be found below:

Doppler integrates with as an opt-in feature.

Network requests to happen directly on-device, and as such, some necessary information (IP address, listening history) will be available to Information is collected for this feature only when you opt-in, and can be disabled in Settings at any time.'s privacy policy can be found below:


Doppler uses RevenueCat to validate App Store purchases.

This information is used to ensure your copy of Doppler was paid for and report the features you're allowed to access.

RevenueCat's privacy policy can be found below:


Doppler uses Sentry to collect logs and additional information when the app crashes.

The logs provide information about how the app crashed, and related code-level information. Personally identifiable information is not collected, however small pieces of information about your library may be collected if it is part of a crash (e.g. the name of a file, if there was a crash while reading it).

Sentry's privacy policy can be found below:


Doppler uses TelemetryDeck to collect anonymous information about specific features within the app.

We only collect information about very specific parts of Doppler (e.g. the free trial screen) so we can look out for any problems when we update the app.

TelemetryDeck's privacy policy can be found below:


Doppler intentionally avoids collecting any sensitive information, other than where necessary and through an opt-in process. Where sensitive information is collected (e.g. API tokens), that information is securely stored on the device's keychain.

Privacy Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or this policy that is not addressed above, please get in touch.